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Radley Watches

Authorised retailer for Radley Watches. Radley is a British fashion brand known for creating beautiful women's accessories which are inspired by life. Radley watches feature the recognisable Scottish terrier, which was chosen as the brand logo to reflect the playful nature of the brand. Radley are known for their unique style which is reflected in this collection of watches. Radley watches can perfectly compliment your outfits for your work day right through to nights out.

The History of Radley Watches

The Radley brand was established by Lowell Harder in 1998. Lowell had been working in the accessories industry since 1984 as a stall holder on Camden market. Her business had expanded rapidly in the 1990's outgrowing the Camden market and receiving investment from the Tula Group in 1991. In 1997 she started to develop the Radley brand after becoming “fed up” with seeing handbags in the same colours. Retailers initially weren't convinced with the more vibrant colours of Radley handbags, but Lowell did not give in to the demands to “tone down” the colour choices. Radley products have remained successful since the launch of the brand and has expanded worldwide. In 2011 Radley watches were added to the collection of products produced by the brand, bringing their unique style to the wrists of happy Radley customers everywhere.

Contemporary Colour and Style

The Radley brand was founded on the desire to see a range of vibrant colours used in women's accessories and Radley watches are no different. The Radley collection is defined by the wide range of beautiful colours and styles used in its watches. The addition of the Scottie dog logo adds to the playful style of the watches in the collection, making them stand out amongst other watches on the market. Check out watches like the Radley Womans 'Watch It' Burgundy and the Radley Love Lane Stainless Steel Rose Gold Case Mesh Bracelet which are great examples of Radley watches.

About Radley Watches
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