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Men’s Bulova Chronograph C Special Edition Watch 96K101 Bulova announced the release of the classic Chronograph C which is to be added to their Archive Collection. The watch is also widely known as the “Stars and Stripes.” It has been revam
Bulova Special Edition Latin GRAMMY timepieces. You may have seen some of the Bulova GRAMMY special edition timpieces as we use to have a number of them on our website which have since almost sold out. At the time of writing this we only have one lef
Bulova is a well known American manufacturer of watches and clocks. The headquarters for the brand is located in New York City, USA. Bulova’s Swiss-Made line is known as Bulova Accu•Swiss or formerly, Bulova Accutron. Bulova is actually owned
Bulova The Worlds First Curv Bulova are known worldwide as the brand that have the whole list of ‘World Firsts’ these are products and ideas that Bulova have invented or developed before anyone else in the world. It shows how committed th
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Bulova Watches

Authorised retailer for Bulova Watches. Free delivery, 30 day free returns and five-star rated service. Buy now with up to 12 months 0% finance. Bulova watches have a rich history and have been at the forefront of style and technology since they were founded 140 years ago. In January 2008 the company was purchased by Citizen. Combined, Citizen and Bulova are the largest watchmaker in the world. Whenever you buy a Bulova watch you know that you are getting a timepiece with impeccable style, great features and top of the range technology.

Brand History

Bulova was founded in 1875 by 23-year-old Joseph Bulova, who emigrated to the United States from Bohemia in 1870. In 1912 Joseph Bulova opened a plant in Bienne, Switzerland and produced his watches using standardized mass production which had never been seen before. Joseph Bulova's continued to develop innovations that added substance to the impeccable style of his watches. He also constructed the Bulova Observatory on top of a skyscraper to accurately measure astral time in order to accurately set all of Bulova's timepieces. In 1960 the Accutron range was released, this range used a tuning fork to to regulate time. This technology was used aboard NASA's Vangard 1 satellite 2 years before it was released to the public and was also used aboard Air Force One.

Ultimate Precision

The Bulova Precisionist range of watches are some of the most accurate watches on the planet. The technology inside addresses temperature change and vibration frequency, which are two critical factors which affect watch accuracy. The watch also includes a sweeping second hand rather than one which jumps each second, the sweeping motion of the hand is super smooth, running at 16 beats per second.

Classically Stylish

Bulova watches come with incredible top-of-the-range technology, but they have not lost any of their classic style. TheBVA Series and Essentials Collection include watches with incredible features, at all price points which are impeccably stylish.

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