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Today, we are excited to share the all-new Mühle Glashütte S.A.R. Rescue-Timer Edition 1994 watch! Limited to 155 pieces worldwide, this launch celebrates the 30th anniversary of the family business in its current form. The month of April plays a s
When it comes to choosing a watch for the day, the question of ‘sporty or business-like?’ is often the first thing that springs to mind. A watch that combines the two, as a functional whole, would often be the preferred choice. So in exci
Embrace the spirit of summertime sailing with all-new Mühle Glashütte 29er Big models. Just in time for August, Mühle Glashütte has released four new summer editions of its popular 29er Big collection. Rooted in the brand’s rich marine heritage
Mühle Glashütte is perhaps one of the lesser-known brands in the industry. However, it never fails to produce incredibly high-quality timepieces. This week, Mühle Glashütte announces the Titanium SAR Mission Timer. The brand prides itself on prec

Mühle Glashütte Watches

Authorised retailer for Mühle Glashütte Watches. Mühle Glashütte watches are known for being some of the most precise on the market today. The German company focus on producing watches with fantastic legibility and accuracy. Mühle Glashütte have always ensured that accuracy and functionality remains paramount in their watch design. They are known for creating practical, clear and functional watches rather than focusing on fancy decoration. This has allowed them to constantly produce a range of high quality Mühle Glashütte watches which are perfect for everyday wear.

The History of Mühle Glashütte

Mühle Glashütte can proudly claim to be the only watch manufacturer in the town of Glashütte which is still owned by a local family. The company was founded by Robert Mühle in 1869 and the Mühle family has lived in the Glashütte region for over 700 years. The family has also been active in the watchmaking industry for five generations. Robert Mühle initially produced precise measuring instruments for watch manufacturers in the area before moving on to the production of speedometers and rev counters. Over the years the company has shifted towards the production of wristwatches, which they are known for today.

Functional and Precise

Mühle Glashütte watches have always been defined by functionality rather than beauty. The collection includes a wide range of high quality watches which are understated and perfect for everyday use such as the Mühle Glashütte 29er Zeigerdatum Synthetic Band White Dial . It is fair to say that Mühle Glashütte watches are some of the most precise mechanical watches that you can buy today. Thanks to this reputation, build after 147 years, the Mühle name will always be linked with precision.

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